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Présenting a IIIF case study 

IIIF for a  consolidation strategy with Archives of Lot-et-Garonne Department

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Sponsor of the symposium of the Cities, Districts and wandering Archivists

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Consortium international IIIF

EidoPolis presents to the IIIF community its IIIF native Software...

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Preparing for 2024 tours

Tour organisation of the demos of Prismia ViSiON to come ... 


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Prismia ViSiON

Online Software (SaaS) : websites creation dedicated to the cultural and archives organizations

designed by EidoPolis

Our offer

A fair and customizable
offer that fits your requirements

Prismia ViSiON’s offer is based on experience and interviews conducted with various clients and prospects of all sizes.

The observation is always the same: there is no standardized offer that is suitable for functional coverage, because either they are overflowing, or you have to make a significant leap to benefit from certain functionalities.

Furthermore, to our knowledge, there is no offer that takes into account the size of the entity concerned, in terms of audience or revenue (find out more …).

We have therefore imagined a completely modular offer, based on the following principles:

The three-year license, called 'Core', is calculated by adding a minimum flat, plus a % contribution to the size of the estimated audience, plus or minus an adjustment amount calculated on the wealth of the area in concern.

All our offers include initial training that is dimensioned and specific to the profiles, as well as a support period of 3 months extendable to 6 months after deployment.

A lot of functions were converted into options available for subscription, which reduced the price of the 'Core' License.

Online hard drives an servers are subscribed and hosted in your home country and allow for rapid scalability.


How to migrate
to Prismia ViSiON ?

Climbing up the peaks ? … certainly not !

Many people imagine that redesigning a portal is a complicated thing, which will involve a lot of different internal resources and mobilize significant hours of work for much smaller staff: true and wrong ! (find out more ...)

TRUE because you have to start by express and synthesize the needs. But this must remain a very pragmatical exercise and preferably reflect the strategic vision of the evolution of the broadcast functionality:

To make your portal a real success, you must avoid starting by mechanically copying the collection of points from a list of prerequisites whose use is not proven.

And because the operation is not repeated every year, we must strive to be part of a medium/long term cycle, from 5 to 10 years minimum, by turning to a resolutely modern tool which continually evolves.

WRONG because the technology significantly evolved over the recent years, allowing the emergence of solutions capable of being deployed quickly and easily, embedding customization functionalities and above all avoiding long and costly 'tailor-made' creation processes. ':

Portal designers who sell tailor-made services replace the time to develop new functionalities with the design of the UI: you must be vigilant on this point.

The divas of yesterday are not necessarily those of tomorrow, especially when it comes to the internet!


A new way to define the goals and the functions

So how will EidoPolis and its Prismia ViSiON software in making things simplier and demystify this seemingly long, painful and tedious process? (Find out more …).

Let’s start by raising the right questions:

what is your communication strategy: media or simple access ?

what audience are you looking for: Genealogy fans, Researchers, Archivists ? … is that all ?

what capabilities, on top of those you already have, do you want to acquire: a simple home page with a few information pages and targeted search forms or advanced search and interoperability capabilities with the possibility of creating all types content at any time ?

How often is your editorial content updated ? Sometimes or continuously over the time ?

And what about the updating of your archival tools ? are they punctual or permanently evolving ?


Are you ready to evolve ?

In the light of the answers you can formulate to the previous questions, Prismia ViSiON will become meaningful to you (find out more...).

The prismia ViSiON software possesses numerous practical, technical, financial and operational advantages over its competitors, including :

Ergonomy and getting started easyness

Tutorials at all levels

Easy and powerfull import of all formats: media, data

Data integration and conversion into universally portable JSON format

Complete creative autonomy: pages, forms, research, data, prototypes, exhibitions, aso.

Sharing and opening beyond silo logic

Power and speed

Scalability and adaptation

Measurable eco-responsibility

Budget control


Scheduling, projects
and deliveries ?

Beacause we are experienced in project management, we manage the migration process and we guide you, step by step, to carry out the implementation as a part of your team, until 'go live'... and even after ! (find out more … ).

We are identifying at least fifteen projects covering the preparation of infrastructures, data supply, including ARK links and collaborative indexing, training of administrative users, preparation of graphic environments and already existing pages and forms. or to exist, and finally the training of content administrators and editorialists.

For each sub-project, we favor project management in AGILE mode, with short 'sprints', because if the software has great flexibility, administrators and users must appropriate the codes and functionalities by being enrolled in an iterative feeding, review and validation process.

As sub-projects can sometimes be concurrent, or under the responsibility of different people, we estimate an implementation time up to deployment of between 4 months and 8 months, strongly depending on the volumes and options that were chosen. 


Our additional services

PRISMIA CLAB%20BrownDeveloppers3

Prismia’s C-Lab is the cross-functional organization bringing on board development experts: hard coders, project managers, UX designers.
This team is able to make the necessary corrections for the proper functioning and upgrade of the Prismia ViSiON solution, as well as its possible developments (find out more ….).

Studies & developments

Thanks to proven skills and know-how and development capabilities, we are clearly positioned as a software solution publisher and digital agency, rather than a simple web design agency: our job is to develop tools to create sites specialized, not simply creating sites from existing tools.

The nuance is subtle, but essential.

We master and ensure our application development in C, C#, C++ to run on IIS servers, or Linux in interaction with Elastic Search, and render all requests via APIs based on frameworks such as React JS with MaterialUI library or PHP. Everything is operated delivered using Apache and NGINX.

We also have good expertise in PostgreSQL, ORACLE, PostgreSQL and MySQL DBMS, which makes our technical palette truly multiple and adaptable.

So don’t hesitate to ask us about your support or achievement needs.

Diagnostics and Audit

As part of development or compliance projects, we have the partners and resources to carry out diagnostics relating to workflows, scalability (evolvability), GDPR, RGAA, Security, UX/ UI design.

So don’t hesitate to talk to us about it to accelerate your projects.


Prismia's G-Lab is the cross-functional organization bringing together software experts, graphic designers and technicians capable of building, supplying, manufacturing pages and forms and training all types of people in the use of the prismia ViSiON solution.
(find out more …).

Implementation Management & Works

During the implementation of a Prismia ViSiON software, we are able to support you in the process of creating pages, content, forms and other specific functions.

Going from draft to finalization, we use an iterative process of creation-test-correction-validation and create for you the expected user interfaces in a responsive model.

This obviously covers the implementation of the graphic charter, specific tutorials (web pages, PDF documents or video tutorials) or any other element specific to your entity.


We provide complete support for administrators of all types: applications (with extended rights), content managers, editorial editors, etc.

Specific training is carried out for each advanced user profile of our solution.

Specific pages and video tutorials are present during installation for advanced users, visible only to them.

A set of templates is also delivered to allow rapid training in the use of the extended and business CMS.

Finally, support is available via a dedicated space, to answer your problems and questions. Web-conference support sessions ensure resolution and useful additional training.


Contact form & details

Maison de la Technopole, 6, rue Léonard de Vinci, CS 20119 53001 LAVAL CEDEX
+33 (0)2 52 21 08 59

+33 (0)2 52 21 08 59

EidoPolis, Maison de la Technopole, 6, rue Léonard de Vinci, CS 20119 53001 LAVAL CEDEX - FRANCE
locate on the map.

* we do not record the information you post in this form, we only keep the mail that we will receive.


about EidoPolis


EidoPolis … back to the 'start-up’

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the Archimaine company has created 'portal' sites for the Departmental Archives. The evolution of its services has enabled the emergence of the Archinoë SaaS solution which has been enriched over the years with powerful 'business' functionalities: contextual viewer, Press OCR, OAI-PMH exchanges, etc.

After the acquisition in January 2019 of Archimaine by Hyxis, the Archinoë solution was upgraded to version 2.2.

The Archimaine company was then split into two activities: Digitization and the Digital Agency.

The Digitization activity was sold to the company Infoscribe at the end of November 2022, the company retaining the Digital Agency activities and was renamed EidoPolis.

EidoPolis continues to operate and maintain the Archinoë equipment and solution and is launching a brand new generation of SaaS software in the 1st quarter of 2023: PRISMIA ViSiON/Archinoë Evolution.

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General Data Protection Regulations

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We would like to remind you of some essential concepts:
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Consequently, to respect all the processes of previous and new rights provided by these Regulations and Laws, EidoPolis makes available to its Clients:

A telephone number for the Switchboard which will record the request in writing in a special register and which will request the contact details of the requester to confirm the request (email or SMS) and inform them of the action taken.
A generic email address and a dedicated subject in the contact form. These means must allow the processing of requests to exercise rights. EidoPolis will then keep you informed of the outcome of your request by one or other of the means available to it.

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Updated Dec, 6th 2023.

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